Community Shield 2020

Choosing the winners of the annual Community Shield can be difficult. Handing it over to them should be a much more simple process, but like everything this year, it has proved trickier than normal. Just a few months late, the PC finally managed a socially-distanced award ceremony.

Kay, Anne and Jenny accept the Community Shield.

The small team who has done so much to strip back decades’ worth of undergrowth from the High Street Cemetery are this year’s winners. Anne Daniells, Jenny Walker and Kay Eglesfield, aka the ‘cemetery ladies’ have been quietly pruning and trimming the trees, clearing weeds and thorns and cleaning old graves, several of which had been lost for many years.

Jenny said she started the work when she heard a neighbour say that they would not consider using the cemetery as a resting place for her family because it was so overgrown, dark and spooky. Jenny and Anne both remembered how smart it was when they were children and were determined to restore it to its former glory.

Thanks to their work, it is now a peaceful oasis in the village, a haven for birds and wildflowers, and a pleasure to visit.