Potterspury Parish Plan 2021

In 2014 the Parish Council drew up a Parish Plan for Potterspury based on the results of a residents’ survey. Seven years on, many of the suggestions that were included in the action plan have been carried out. The village play areas have been renewed and refurbished, we resisted the imposition of two unsuitable housing developments, and installed a skatepark and multi-use games area for older children.

It’s time to renew the plan.
We are asking every household to tell us how they would like to see Potterspury develop over the next decade or so. The questions in the 2021 Parish Plan Survey deal with housing, traffic, transport, leisure facilities, healthcare, communication and business. Your answers will help the Parish Council advise the new West Northamptonshire Council on the needs of our community.

Every home will receive a copy of the 2021 Parish Plan Survey, which can be filled in and returned to a box in Cottage Stores by 14 March.

Alternatively, complete the Parish Plan Survey online here.

The PC would be most grateful if you are able to complete the online version. It takes much more human resource and time to process the paper copies.

Answers are completely confidential.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your say.