Potterspury Community Awards 2021

The Parish Council awards the Community Shield every year to groups or individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the village. 2020 was an extraordinary year, and so many people in the village faced the challenges of Covid by supporting their vulnerable neighbours and helping out in the community. Following nominations by village residents, the Parish Council wanted to recognise several community champions this year.

We were delighted to award the Community Shield today to Vik and Krishna of Cottage Stores. They worked tirelessly to keep Potterspury provisioned during the strange days and weeks early in the Covid crisis and to ensure that groceries reached the most vulnerable in our community.

Another vital part of the Covid response was the team of community volunteers. Emma James and Kate Morris helped to set up and co-ordinate the volunteers, who all did so much to support those who were shielding during the first lockdown.

It seems incredible that we have survived two locked down Easters, but thanks to Emily Kent, we all emerged smiling. In her guise as the Easter Bunny, Emily hopped through the village in both 2020 and 2021. Emily is also the admin of the Potterspury News FB page and ensures that we all have a reliable source of local information,  Finally, Claire Eggleton set up a jigsaw library and supported many older residents throughout lockdown.

Our village would be a poorer place without all of these wonderful people ­– thank you to them all for everything they did and continue to do for Potterspury.