Local development proposals: WNC Spatial Plan

Potterspury Parish Council believe that the West Northants Spatial Options Consultation is seriously flawed with respect to plans for development along the A5 from Towcester to the Old Stratford Roundabout.

Email West Northants Council at strategicplan@westnorthants.gov.uk using the responses below if you wish. Please include your name and email address.

These are the two key questions that affect Potterspury.

Q25 Do you agree that spatial option 4b – Towcester South and Racecourse – has the potential to deliver residential development?

NO This is historic registered parkland and would be difficult to develop. An additional 4000 houses, and associated vehicles would have detrimental effect on traffic heading south towards Milton Keynes. The A5 is already operating at capacity and the Old Stratford Roundabout is a pinch point.

Q28 Do you agree that spatial option 5b – Growth at Milton Keynes West / Old Stratford – has the potential to support a new settlement?

NO This site is totally unsuitable for the following reasons.
The settlement is out of proportion in size to the neighbouring villages of Old Stratford, Deanshanger, Cosgrove, Yardley Gobion and Potterspury – it would dwarf them. These villages have distinct identities and should not be allowed to merge into one amorphous conurbation.
There is no infrastructure in place – either in terms of adequate provision for water, sewage, or roads to accommodate such growth.

Additional areas of concern

Education – local primary schools are already at capacity. Local secondary schools would not be able to absorb the numbers generated. Bus services would be needed to transport secondary pupils. This document does not include plans to build new schools from the outset.

Transport -the Old Stratford roundabout, which is the meeting point of the A5, A508 and A422, is at a standstill every day in rush hour. When the M1 has a problem, traffic flow worsens considerably. This development would put further pressure on an already over-stretched roundabout.

Environment – this plan would build on greenfield sites, taking valuable agricultural land out of production, removing ancient woodland and other natural assets.

It would appear that the site would be for dormitory housing serving the needs of Milton Keynes. It would NOT meet the spatial concepts objective 8 on connections, objective 6 on safety and objective 12 on protecting rural communities.

In a recent survey of Potterspury residents, more than 80% mentioned countryside and the rural nature of the area as the reason they chose to live here. They did not choose to live in a suburban area which would be produced by these plans.

Alternatively, complete the whole form, which is available here westnorthantsplan.inconsult.uk/WNSPOptions/respondByQuestionnaire