Updating the Parish Plan

The Potterspury Parish Plan was originally published in 2014 and reflected the views of residents on how the village should develop. Two developments of some 50 houses had recently been built and with the Section 106 money (compulsory contributions from the developers), the village benefited: John Hellins School was able to construct a new classroom and the Parish Council installed an adult outdoor gym, the skatepark and the MUGA.

When the Parish Council issued a new parish survey in March 2021, life had changed for us all. We were still in the grip of a third national lockdown as part of the Covid pandemic; Milton Keynes had issued a challenging new development plan which extended as far north as Potterspury and we were aware that the new unitary council of West Northamptonshire would soon be exploring potential sites for development.

The results of the 2021 survey are published here and reflect the concerns of the village, which will guide the Parish Council over the next few years.