Mill Pond Conservation Area

In 2016 the Wintle family, who were long-term residents of Potterspury, very kindly made a gift of a two-acre plot of land to the village.

Formerly the village mill pond, this meadow is at the back of Meadow View, bordered by the play area, the fields and the brook, as well as the old mill houses.

Since the demise of the mill in the mid-20th century, the field has been grazed, but more recently has been left wild and is in overgrown in parts, with crack willows, a few mature ash trees, and rushes edging the brook. It is a rich wildlife resource, but we hope to make it even better with careful management. The vision is to have a wildflower meadow edged by trees, and a circular path so that residents can enjoy the area.

The Parish Council has consulted the local Wildlife Trust and has installed a bridge over the brook which will ultimately provide public access. Over the past couple of years we have carried out a programme of planting new trees, clearing overstood crack willow to ensure that the brook runs free and trying to clear some of the nettles to make way for a wildflower meadow. The weather has hampered operations (being variously too dry or too wet) and work is progressing gradually.

Councillor Geoff Lucas has a detailed knowledge of the area and has prepared a progress report.