Planning in South Northants

mapvillagePotterspury’s Parish Plan forms part of South Northamptonshire’s Local Plan which has recently been drawn up by South Northamptonshire District Council (SNC). The District Council has consulted widely over the issues that affect planning in the area and their conclusions can be seen here.

Each parish council in the district has been asked to contribute its opinions about the requirements of their villages over the next few years, and local landowners have been invited to submit speculative plans for developments of all kinds.

Those that are relevant to Potterspury can be seen here, but please note they are simply responses to consultation by SNC. They are speculative plans, NOT planning applications and might not progress any further.

Full information about the demographics of the village, as well as a comprehensive map showing the village confines is available here.

Planning consultation
South Northamptonshire District Council (SNC) is required to allow parish councils within its area the opportunity to comment on any planning application that has been made within their relevant parish boundary.
A parish council may also be advised (or request details) of a planning application that, although it may be outside their boundary, may still be considered to have an impact on their parish.

Full details of all planning applications within Potterspury and throughout South Northamptonshire are available to view on the SNC Online Planning Applications Register.