Minutes from the last century

In 1912, King George V had been on the throne for two years, the prime minister was Henry Herbert Asquith, the Titanic had sunk in April and in Potterspury the Chairman of the Parish Council was no less a person than the redoubtable 7th Duke of Grafton, aged 91.

The Parish Council minutes for this period are safely stored in the Northamptonshire County Archives, but in 1992 the local historian, and former clerk to the Council, Jack Clamp painstakingly transcribed them. Several copies of the transcription were made and bound.

To celebrate the long history of our Council, and to create interest in the development of our village, our current chairman, Steve Parkin (rather more youthful than the Duke) has uploaded the minutes from 100 years ago.

The Council was concerned with rubbish collection, distinctly dangerous water supplies and the dispensation of charity to the needy. They make fascinating reading and you can download them below.

As you will see, meetings held a century ago were quite different to those of today. Jack Clamp’s note from 1992 is also included to provide some background detail.

PC Minutes 1912              PC Minutes 1913

 minsbook                 minsbluebook